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StarFire Trailer Systems is now making racks and rack parts available similar to the old ATF racks...only better and stronger, redesigned to meet destructive testing (using a 3 inch Ball-Type Salute) standards for Canada and all known standards in America.

For those not familiar with the new SpreadFire Rack System, they are all aluminum except for the fasteners.  The Basic SF Rack, from 3 inch through 6 inch, and including the HDPE Collars (no mortars), weighs about 8 lbs.  Lightweight is nice, but there is a safety component as well; if a shell goes off in the mortar, ALL AFFECTED PARTS ARE LOW MASS!

The Slotted Side Channels have been redesigned for more strength by changes in the slot design and adding a 5/16" diameter rod welded to the rear side.  This makes for a stronger assembly while allowing the same number of mortars for each shell size in a rack.  New slot locations allow for one full or one-half mortar diameter spacing between the mortars to meet all state spacing requirements.

All of the improvements make for a major upgrade to these aluminum racks.  All parts that make up these units are available separately.

Basic SpreadFire Rack, accepts any size mortar, 3 inch through 6 inch (shown here without Collars, and mounted in a Horizontal End Support).  Includes one pair of Tilt Angles, all required nuts, bolts, washers, and 4- L Pins.  These lightweight units will last for years and require no tools for assembly in the field.  I recommend HDPE mortars, but these work just as well for FG mortars.

Rack pricing is as follows:

Quantity & Price

1                     $95.00

2-5                 $90.00

6-11               $86.00

12-25             $82.00

26 and up      $78.00

Currently, there is a minimum order of 10 racks.





For safety and the reduced weight, Metal Racks are the future, but we also offer HORIZONTAL END SUPPORT KITS for Wood Racks.  Everything you need to mount three of your wood racks in a vertical position or fanned in 10 degree increments in either direction.  Contains two (2) Horizontal End Supports, 3 pairs of Tilt Angles and 12 'L' Pins w/ Clips.  Use your lag bolts to mount the Tilt Bars onto your wood racks:
w/numbers $130.00  w/out Numbers







TILT ANGLES with Grade 5 Bolts, One Pair:  Short (for 3 and 4 inch mortars)= $16.00

TILT ANGLES with Grade 5 Bolts, One Pair:  Long (for 5 and 6 inch mortars) = $20.00

HDPE Mortar Clamping Collars are available from StarFire.  Ask about what you need.

One Pair HORIZONTAL END SUPPORTS (with numbers):  $42.00

One Pair HORIZONTAL END SUPPORT (with no numbers):  $38.00


'L' PINS w/clips:  (12) $10.00



Custom aluminum pods are available for trailer orders ONLY.

The average price is $165.00.  Lightweight when compared to wood racks, one pod is equal to multiple racks (and no painting or splinters).



StarFire offers all aluminum fan racks.  A Combo Fan Rack will accommodate 8 Comets or Mines and 6 Candles.

The 8-Shot Fan for 8 Comets or Mines (self-explanatory), and a 12-Shot unit is available.

Comparably priced to China units, with no import charges, and a minimum purchase of only three of the same Fan.

The price on the 8-Shot Fans are $50.00, the 12-Shot Fans are $55.00, and the Combo Fan Rack is only $70.00.

shot fan


I also make aluminum fan slice racks, available for $140.00 each, with a minimum of 6 units per order.  All of my fan racks are heavy duty and will last for years.

Custom racks and fans are also available.  Give me a call or an email and we’ll discuss whatever you need.

fan slice rack


All prices F.O.B. shipping and handling added to total order.  Materials are purchased, and racks are built to order, and require 75% down on all orders.  Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.


"SpreadFire" and "StarFire Trailer Systems" are trade names Copyright © 2008 by StarFire Trailer Systems.  All rights reserved.

*Patent work for all of our designs is being processed.*

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