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WELCOME, and thanks for taking the time to visit our web page!

Before you read about our trailer design, please be aware that we can build trailers other than just deck-over, low profile or our SpreadFire™ design, and we will design and build most any type of open trailer you need.  Please email us with your trailer or transportation requirements!

Steel, aluminum, or hybrid trailers!

We do not "pre-build" any generic-size assemblies.  All trailers are built to the size and configuration you require.  We have standard features and options you will not find on any other production trailer, all of which cater specifically to the Pyrotechnic industry; such as a fold-up, full-length walkway(s) to facilitate loading and wiring the shells, and also for checking the guns after the show.  All of our designs use H.D. Slipper Spring or torsion-type axles, and our current size range is from 16 to 40 foot.

Give us a challenge!

I have over ten years' experience as a government, x-ray certified welder, so you won’t see any "production-type" welds on our trailers.  I also have over 30 years as a "standard" welder, fabricator, and maintenance technician.  I would like to make StarFire Trailers the premier Pyro trailer builder in the country.  That is not just a dream, it is a goal.

StarFire Trailer Systems can design trailers for use with the racks and pod-system mortar units available through Pyromaster LLC.  Our trailers are designed to provide the most number of guns on the trailer using whatever racks you use.

Exceptional Strength and Safety are built in.

Most of the structural components of the chassis and deck frame are fabricated out of rectangular tubing for superior strength and rigidity.  All of our trailers utilize single, dual or triple H.D. Slipper Spring or torsion-type axles depending on the application and design requirements.  Most of our trailers are bumper-pull, but gooseneck or fifth-wheel type trailers are possible.

Innovation and Reliability is the norm at StarFire Trailer Systems.

Most of our Pro Trailers are hybrid units, utilizing a steel chassis and crossmembers, and having an aluminum deck surface, which provides years of service and much less maintanence.  The decking is fastened to cross-members on 12" or 16” centers, and all of our trailers have full inner-perimeter deck supports.

Quality and Convenience Are a Priority at StarFire Trailer Systems!


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*Patent work for all of our designs is being processed.*

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